There are two types of crackfilling. The first is called banding which is nothing more than cleaning a crack and laying hot rubber on top of it. It is the most cost-effective method, but is also the least effective method; yet there are still some companies that sell it as a fix. At American Sealcoating, we prefer the other method of “rout and fill,” primarily because it is a more permanent, long-lasting solution for crack repair. Though it is more labor-intensive and time consuming, our workers value their ability to provide you with the highest-quality asphalt repair available, rather than the quickest and easiest fix out there. The process starts with our team evaluating the asphalt and determining which cracks are the most important to maintain the integrity of the asphalt or parking lot. We then give a minimum-suggested linear foot amount to be filled in order to effectively maintain your asphalt properly. Following the estimate, we begin the process of routing and cleaning the cracks in preparation of filling them with hot rubberized asphalt.

The routing (or grinding) of the crack to a half inch wide by at least a half inch deep creates a groove in the asphalt for the rubber to sit in. This allows the hot rubber (applied at 370 degrees) to adhere and bond to the sides of the groove. We then remove the excess rubber off the top of the crack, thereby leaving the material just slightly below the surface of the asphalt which ensures that our Chicago snow plows won’t damage it. This entire process allows us to create a proper seal. If your parking lot or roadway can’t be closed to complete this process, no problem! We can execute the job with very little disturbance to traffic flow.

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