With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the asphalt industry, American Sealcoating & Maintenance is more than equipped to handle all of your asphalt repair & installation, paving, and sealcoating needs. We take great pride in our ability to efficiently perform asphalt repair and provide all maintenance at a fair price. In addition to our sealcoating and repair services, our team of highly trained experts is also capable of repairing or replacing damaged storm sewers.

  • Asphalt: From full removal and replacement of your existing asphalt to patching up problems in a parking lot, our team can provide an asphalt repair solution that matches your budget.
  • Sealcoating: Maintaining your asphalt will help you preserve your asphalt parking lot or driveway year after year, and we will work with your schedule to perform any necessary sealcoating.
  • Infrared Repairs: With a process that minimizes manpower and waste, our Patriot infrared repair unit keeps the cost low while providing a permanent fix for your blacktop.
  • Crackfilling: Our asphalt repair experts can perform “rout and fill” for long-lasting crack repair.
  • Storm Sewer Repair & Replacement: If your storm sewer has been neglected, it could create a number of problems. Let us repair or replace your storm sewer using the right personnel and the proper equipment.

In order to ensure our high quality work, we self-perform every job. As a local Illinois company, we care about your satisfaction and doing the job the right way for our Bridgeview community. When you need a trustworthy asphalt contractor, contact American Sealcoating online or call us at 708-233-6202 for all of your blacktop needs.