Each and every year, thousands of storm sewers that have been overlooked or neglected can, or do, collapse and create hazardous conditions for everyone around them. During these times, few know who to call to replace or maintain the storm sewer. That’s where American Sealcoating comes into play. Every year, we rebuild or replace hundreds of old, overlooked storm sewers. Whether you just need a couple of concrete adjusting rings on top to be replaced, or you need the catch basin that has deteriorated to be replaced, we’re the company for the job.

The most obvious sign that a sewer is in need of attention is a small hole that starts to form next to it, which means it’s already in need of repair. In most cases, the adjusting rings deteriorate first, allowing the gravel around to fall in the basin, causing it to clog your sewer lines and leave a void under your asphalt next to the sewer. Shortly after, a hole will be created.

In other cases, the mortar or cement that seals the pipes into your catch basin have deteriorated, and are no longer capable of holding the surrounding subgrade from entering the basin. In even more severe cases, the catch basin or the pipes that water flows through have decayed and deteriorated beyond repair and now need replacement. No matter the issue, American Sealcoating is ready with the proper equipment and personnel to fix it the right way, the first time.

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